Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tune-Yards – I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life (2018)

Artist: Tune-Yards
Album: I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life
Released: 2018
Style: Indie Pop
Format: MP3 128Kbps
Size: 40 Mb

The Night – War With The World (2018)

Artist: The Night
Album: War With The World
Released: 2018
Style: Hardcore Punk
Format: MP3 259Kbps
Size: 22 Mb

Tribulation – Down Below (2018)

Artist: Tribulation
Album: Down Below
Released: 2018
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Format: MP3 202Kbps
Size: 63 Mb

Retractor – Janus (2018)

Artist: Retractor
Album: Janus
Released: 2018
Style: Electronic
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 115 Mb

Thomas Buttenschøn – Winter (2018)

Artist: Thomas Buttenschon
Album: Winter
Released: 2018
Style: Pop
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 30 Mb

Dkay – Rudeboy (2018)

Artist: Dkay
Album: Rudeboy
Released: 2018
Style: Hip Hop
Format: M4A 242Kbps
Size: 43 Mb